Salesforce Integrations

Enhance data sharing between Salesforce, ERP and other apps with integrations.

Connectivity Drives Return on Data

Data touchpoints are everywhere, with multiple systems collecting growing volumes of data across the enterprise. But if your systems can’t talk to each other, you can’t make use of this valuable data for better business decision making. Our integration services connect Salesforce, ERP and other solutions to enable this data sharing.

Salesforce Integrations Optimize Agility

With the flexibility to add and connect apps as you need them, your CRM can be tailored to your exact needs, so your data works for you. Our functional Salesforce consultants work with you to review your business needs based on our expertise in CRM customization, configuration and integration.

Clean, Connected Data

Integrations automate data sharing and reduce manual efforts. Data is structured the same in each system resulting in cleaner data that is easily accessed and understood.

Custom Salesforce Integration Services

Lola Systems offers custom Salesforce integration services to bring all of your CRM and systems integrations together.

A flexible CRM with a suite of intelligent business applications that unite sales, marketing, customer service, ecommerce and more.

Our proprietary Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO product streamlines data connections between your CRM and ERP.