Lola Systems is a trusted Salesforce consulting partner serving customers across North America.

About Lola Systems

Lola Systems is a full-service Salesforce consulting company for medium-to-enterprise-sized customers, operating since 2018. Our role is to act as trusted advisors for all things Salesforce, including how to use it, what apps you need to integrate, and how to connect it to your ERP and other systems. In fact, our development of a proprietary Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO ERP is where Lola all began.

Our Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO

The founder of Lola Systems, Ray Murrell, was approached by the principals of SYSPRO USA to create an integration between SYSPRO and Salesforce. Ray had already built a Dynamics 365 CRM consulting company with a proprietary connector between Dynamics CRM and SYSPRO ERP and SYPRO wanted to recreate this success with Salesforce. Over the following 18 months, Ray and his team created the Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO.

View SYSPRO Connector

Custom Salesforce Integration Services

Lola Systems offers custom Salesforce integration services to bring all of your CRM and systems integrations together.

Lola’s team members have certifications in Salesforce implementation, configuration and deployment. In addition, we hold a wide range of technical and implementation methodology certifications.

Lola utilizes a methodology called Salesforce Success which focuses on maximizing user adoption and minimizing risk. In addition, we utilize Agile Project Management processes to ensure efficient and adaptable management of our projects.

Lola is very experienced at handling all aspects of Salesforce and can tailor the inputs, processes, and outputs of this system to meet specific needs.

customer stories

Lola Systems helped us get a lot more out of our investment in Salesforce and tailored it to our unique needs.”

Kathy Pearce

MCPM - Project Manager

Lola Systems provided seamless integration between Salesforce and SYSPRO, letting us improve the efficiency and accuracy of our customer sales and service processes.”

Timothy Kauffold

Director of Marketing and Commercial Technologies

Lola Systems helped us get a lot more out of our investment in Salesforce and tailored it to our unique needs.”

Joe Estaling

Information Systems Team Lead